Hey there, welcome to our magazine.This piece of viral reality is the dysfunctional kin of Hamblin Imagery and has been brought about as a platform for sharing our spurts of creative thought and energy, giving us the opportunity to say "Check us out". Not only are we showcasing our work, we are inviting our friends and family to get involved and attempt something a little off centre. We have so many talented people around us, that it would be a shame not to include them in this venture. It also gives us a chance to hang out with the people we dig, do some cool stuff and ultimately enjoy golden times! Be sure to check out our featured friend (Baz Corden) in this issue. He cant handle his alcohol and looked like a ginger Santa with his recent beard, but on the plus side he is super talented, has a witty charm and is a all round good fella. We hope you enjoy our work, and find a little inspiration to step out and capture something for yourself.

Sam Paton

loving your work



Pete Brennan

Great refreshing website.

dave rickson

Go pete, great site. Here's to short arms and itchy bums!

John D

Hammer, loving your site. Gonna make some time to explore it more. You legend!


Thanks for the feedback guys, we will be sending some good stuff your way shortly!!! Siiiick!

simon nicholson

yeah pete! good job, this looks insane.

abigail rands


shaun wigston

You legend you. Only to be expected.




Cool site Pete, love your work

Chris Ansara

awesome brother

Ryan Kirby

It's nice to see a little off centre for a change :-)

Ant Hulsen

Nice work Pops

Darryl Sclanders

Good one bud! Keep up the great work!


super slick pete! how you've grown up!

Candice & Joel

Awesome Pete!!!

Nich Hustler

That Farryl Purkis video is phenomenal!


There's nothing like the relief of finding what you're looinkg for.

Ryan Otto

Awesome and inspiring!